If You Are Sad

You know, I don’t like it when someone says to me, “if you’re sad or upset about your current situation, look out there and see that there are many other people who are less-fortunate than you.”. I don’t like that mindset, about how we should be (more) grateful for having a life – at least – better than some other people out there. In a way, you are happy for other people’s sufferings. I find that very selfish and heartless. When I am sad or upset, I prefer to look up and find motivation from people that are more fortunate than me, and tell myself that “if they can make it, then I can make it too, either in the same way or in my own way.”. And being grateful is between us and God, having no need to compare our lives with anyone else out there.

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I am not in a good mood this last few days. I feel like people around me is running very fast and while me is stuck, reaching no where. But then, to motivates my self, I happily think that there are many people out there that is less fortunate than me. And I should be grateful for that. But then I remember Diana’s writing like I wrote above. I think I change my perspective now and forever. I honestly am afraid of growing old with dreams I’ve not achieved, places I’ve never visited, things I’ve not done, love I’ve not share etc etc…because I realize the time is not much enough. What I should do is to make a decision and being responsible for that. And one conclusion before closing: the people that I envy to, their effort must be way harder than mine. It means I have to increase my speed, going the extra miles and even when I fall I should have my self back to the track. Good night!


How Gadget Affects Your Life

According to BEC challenge, I am now trying to make mine. It is about How Gadget Affects My Life. Actually, I should finish it last week, but since I’m a virgo (read: moody) girl, so yeah too hectic combined with a bad mood last few days really broke me into pieces (sounds too much, eh?). Any problem? Well, I own 3 gadgets now. Blackberry for bbm, sms and phone matters. HP notebook mostly for browsing, blogging and editing photos. And the last one is Samsung android smartphone. If I have to choose one, I’ll pick Samsung without any doubt. Why? Because I am running my bussiness thereeee.

Instagram, Path and Whatsapp are the only three apps that I regulary check. Oh, I mean I check it minutely everyday. Am I that addict? Let me tell you, I am now still an employee, my job is to handle things online, so from 9-5 I sit in front of a computer. So I can make sure, my smartphone is always in my hand or at least stand by not far from me. So this is the number one affect. As always happened, once you open 1 app, it must be followed opening the other apps. And then…. OMG what time is it now? I haven’t had my lunch…I am late again to pray… oh another last minute to finish work. Yes, you may judge me! But this is really a guilty pleasure. Sometimes, I take it as an entertainment when I am bored with routines at the office. But I know I have to manage the time wisely.

The second affect is to my married life. I Thank God, my husb is very kind. He supports everything I do, and really understands what @tenunikatshop means to me. But still, he protests me when I keep my hand busy with my Samsung especially when we eat and watching tv together and going to sleep. The worst one, (sometimes) he get mad to me and we end up not talking to each other. Forgive me yes sir! Psst, do you know a secret between us? We met each other in one of social media! Hahaha that’s what smartphone is for! And the third is….to the people I met, new or old one. I lost my concentration when talking with them. I let my self again and again checking phone, even there is no notification received from the apps. Poor me! I honestly realize that it is totally wrong, people will get hurt because of me.

Beside all the negative this and that, I have one positive thing to share. My most current addiction from gadget is Instagram. If only Instagram is available offline, you will easily see me anytime. Because I always there HAHAHA. Not only taking care of my baby (read: my shop), through Instagram I learn a lot. I’ve got soooo many lessons learned. For example about passion, marketing, trend, people, consistency etc….in one word I can see life in different point of view, which is enlighten me. The other happiest thing I get from gadget is I found a friend (a best friend to be, hopefully). We have the same interest. We shared about everything. And the best part is we plan to run a new bussiness together. (PS for her: Don’t leave Indonesia, pleaseeee!)

Well, I think thats enough for now. So the happy feeling after finish one challenge is really undescribeable yaaayy!!! Yes, I am pretty sure there are soooo many grammar faulth in my sentences. Kindly correct me if I am wrong, dear Grammar Nazi. Thanks a lot for reading.


Jalan Jalan Sore

N: Jalan yuk?
S: Ke taman ya, fotoin produk.
N: Udahannya traktir makan ya.
S: Deal.

Tadinya pengen ke taman gading atau malah taman impian jaya ancol tapi akhirnya dengan sukses mendarat di Gelanggang Olahraga Sunter. Kenapa jadi kesitu? Karena paling deket dari rumah (baca: tanggal tua irit bensin). Bukan taman sesungguhnya sih, tapi di dalamnya ada lapangan terbuka dan banyak pohon jadi ya cukup lah. Bawa beberapa produk tenunikatshop segeralah dua muda mudi ini berbagi tugas, si cantik (kalau bukan diri sendiri, siapa lagi yang muji) jadi model dan temannya si cantik jadi fotografernya. Karena kurang ideal untuk potongan seorang model, jadilah produk difoto dengan beberapa bagian tubuh model aja yang tampak, misalnya tangan dan jari. Foto produk selengkapnya bisa dilihat di Instagram.

Selesai foto produk dengan kemampuan fotografer yang masih amat dasar sekali, lumayanlah dapet foto sejepret dua jepret buat koleksi pribadi. Asik juga jalan jalan sore sambil kerja begini. Kayaknya akan sering main ke Gelora Sunter nih. Lebih dari itu, kayanya akan sering foto produk di outdoor, karena ternyata hasil foto dan responnya lebih aduhai. Taman Suropati is our next plan! Btw, ada ide taman lain di sekitar Jakarta utara or pusat? Let me know, please please please :-)









Freedom Institute

I’ve always enjoyed reading books since I was a child. I cant thank my mama enough for this. She always asked me to read, gave me so many books, brought me to bookstore and library. A library for me is a place of knowledge where I can transported to a completely brand new me with so many priceless lessons from the books I found. I love the quiet athmosphere and the people around. A friend of mine tells me about Freedom Institute. I came there once and exactly plan to come again next time. Here are the photos I took and you will understand why I like this place too much.

















So, the next time you you’re feeling bored or wondering what to do with your time, why not visit a library? Freedom Institute maybe? Shall we go together?

Freedom Institute
Jl. Proklamasi No.41
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
021 31909226
Monday to Friday: 09.00-19.00
Saturday: 10.00-17.00
Sunday: close